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How to Book a Hunt




1.        Select the animal you want to hunt. On the Alaska Peninsula you cannot do a combination hunt for moose and brown bear at the same time, but you can hunt moose, hunt wolf and wolverine for 5 days and then hunt bears, You can hunt wolf and wolverine along with either moose or fall brown bear. Wolf season is open during the spring bear season. At the present time caribou season is closed to everyone except local residents.


2.        Next you need to decide which year you would like to hunt. We hunt brown bear, moose, wolf and wolverine every odd numbered year. We hunt Brown Bear and wolf in the spring on the even numbered years and brown bears in the fall on the odd numbered years.


3.        Check for openings. Go to my openings page and see what hunts are available. Most hunts are booked 2-3 years in advance.


4.        Call, Call, Call References. Go to my contact page and click on references, and I will send you a complete list of both successful and unsuccessful references. My list includes all clients taken. Not just a couple of successful ones, as many guide send you. You should always call references to check on what previous hunters have to say about their hunt, with all outfitters.


5.        Once you decide you want to book a hunt, contact me and I will send you a contract to sign. Return the signed contract, along with your deposit and you are booked.



TERMS:      A one third (1/3) (nonrefundable) deposit is due at the time of booking. The second 1/3rd deposit is due 120 days before the hunting date and the remaining balance is due 30 days before you arrive at camp. 





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