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Chris Hornak with his 69 1/2" moose

September 14, 2008 

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Alaska Peninsula


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Trophy Alaska-Yukon Moose

Wolf and Wolverine


If you are looking for the best chance to take a big moose, the Alaska Peninsula is the place to hunt. We offer a 10 day trophy moose hunt.





           In 2011 the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game extended our moose season to September 25th. This extension will be the best 5 days of the season, since more bulls will be traveling, looking for cows.

I have reduced the number of my moose hunters, because the wolves are killing the moose.

You are now allowed to take 10 wolves per day at no charge, except your license, on any fall hunt for bear or moose.


In 2021 my 2 moose hunters took 2 bulls, 68" and 58"


In 2020 I did not take any moose hunters.


In 2019 my 2 moose hunters took one 63" bull.


    In iIIIn II

In 2018 I did not take any moose hunters.


In 2017 I only took 1 moose hunter who took 1 bull.


In 2016 I did not hunt moose.


In 2015 I only took 1 moose hunter who took 1 bull.


In 2014 I am not hunting moose.


In 2013 my 4 moose hunters took 1 bull.


In 2012 I did not take any moose hunters.


In 2011 my 4 moose hunters took 3 bulls. 

In 2010 I did not hunt moose.

In 2009 my 6 moose Hunters took 3 bulls.

In 2008 my 8 moose Hunters took 4 bulls.

 In 2007 my 8 moose Hunters took 4 bulls. 


In 2006 my 8 moose Hunters took 4 bulls.


 In 2005 my 9 moose Hunters took 7 bulls.


In 2004 my 8 moose Hunters took 5 bulls.


The Area


Our exclusive hunting area is approximately 550 square miles in size, over 352,000 acres. The area includes over 100 miles of coastline on the Pacific coast, across from Kodiak Island, 19 salmon streams, and the Dog Salmon River, on which our lodge is located.


The area supports a fair moose population. Our area, in unit 9E is a Trophy Management Area in which both residents and non-residents are required to only take bulls with a 50” spread or 3 brow tines. The bear and wolf population is at an all time high, reducing our moose population over the entire Alaska Peninsula


The area is so large that we utilize up to 12 spike camps to put you within walking distance of the best hunting areas. These spike camps are accessed by super cub or riverboat, and are located near good vantage points, where you will be able to glass valleys, streams and hillsides. The season is just before the rut, so bulls are traveling daily looking for cows. At this time of the rut, calling is usually very productive.


How to Get There


Fly directly from your home to Anchorage on the airlines of your choice. Here you will spend the night and the next morning you will fly on to Pilot Point, on Lake Clark Airlines. You will be met at Pilot Point, and flown to our Dog Salmon River Lodge by chartering our designated flying service. You are responsible for this charter cost from Pilot Point to the Lodge, which is $600.00 roundtrip.


If you select not to have your moose skull cut in two pieces, or plan on taking more than 100# of meat home, an additional charter may be required at your expense. The point of outfitting is when you arrive at the Lodge.


Hunts Available


             September 2023 sold out

·          September 16-25, 2025                           10 day Trophy Moose hunts (2 0penings)


·            Wolves can be taken at no fee and Wolverine may be taken for only the additional tag fee.

(These moose hunts  are available on the odd numbered years.)


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USFWS Map of Area

USGS Topo Map of Area


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