Hunting Alaska with AAA Alaskan Outfitters
Brent Jones - Alaskan Guide and Outfitter


Equipment List



Gear should fit in one Cabela’s Xlarge duffel bag,

plus your gun case & carryon!


  • Ankle fit unisulated hip boots (1 size larger than you normally wear) or Simms G3 Wader pants and Simms G3 boots. 
  • Rubber camp boots                     
  • Warm Outfitter's Fleece camo jacket                
  • Wool and Goretex gloves               
  • Rifle, Sling, Scope covers and 40 rounds of ammo. (Same as you sighted in with)
  • Small hard gun case                                     
  • Shaving kit and medicine                                  
  • Rain pants  & ¾ length guide coat (Helly Hansen Impertech guide coat)
  • Camera, charger, batteries and film/cards                                    
  • 2 Camo Microtex Shirts                
  • 2 pr. Long MTP Medium-weight underwear
  • 4 pr. Poly-pro socks        
  • 1 pr. Jeans or Carhart pants
  • 1 pr. of Microtex camo pants
  • Sun screen cream 
  • Water bottle/canteen
  • 4 pr. Wool boot socks  (Smartwool)            
  • 6 changes of MTP underwear
  • Warm hat and stocking cap                   
  • Binoculars (10X40)
  • Flashlight and Headlamp with extra batteries  (Mini-Mag AA)                              
  • Extra GI duffel bag for skins
  • Insect repellant & sunglasses (100% Deet)              
  • Moleskin for blister control
  • Skinning Knife (optional)                  
  • Hybrid Hunter 2-in1 pack     
  • or
  • Small frame 2200 Day pack (
  • (These packs can be used for your carry-on airline bag)

   For High Quality Alaska gear I shop at Barney's Sport Chalet (The Guide's Store) in Anchorage. Bob will ship all your gear needed for your Alaska hunt, to your home, anywhere in the US. 




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