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Brent’s Custom Taxidermy

P.O. Box 1473, Emporia, KS 66801-1473

Phone:  (907) 570-1493


2018 Price List


Animal               Size             Life-size mount                 Open Mouth Rug   

Brown Bear          7-8’                 $3950.00                        1750.00

                             8’1”-8’5”               4650.00                              2050.00

                             8’6”-9’                   4950.00                               2350.00

                             9’1”-9’5”               5350.00                               2550.00

                             9’6”-10’                 5650.00                               2950.00

                             over 10’                 5950.00                               3250.00

Wolf                                                    2950.00                               1450.00

Wolverine                                          1250.00                                 950.00


Moose Shoulder Mount                 1675.00


Brown Bear skull – Boiled, Bleached, sealed with plastic            $195.00

                                    Skull on panal, $40-60 additional

Shipping (average cost by air freight)

Brown bear skin to Anchorage from camp:                               $125.00

Moose cape to Anchorage from camp:                                        125.00

Moose horns to Anchorage from camp:                                        100.00


Shipping to your home by Fed Ex

I can ship your capes, horns and skins to your home or taxidermist. These charges run

approximately $4.00 per pound from Anchorage, plus the shipping container.


Expedite Tanning

30 day service is available from the tannery. This will expedite the service by 4-5 months.

The charge for this is approximately $400.00 on bear skins, and $150.00 on moose capes.


If you would like for me to do the taxidermy work, I will ship the skins directly to the Wildlife Gallery, from Anchorage. I have used this tannery since 2005.

 The tannery will then ship the tanned skins to my taxidermy shop here in Emporia,

where I will do the taxidermy work myself, on all of my client’s trophies. Arrangements

can be made at that time, as to crating, shipping and delivery to your home.









Brent Jones – Master Guide/Outfitter

c/o AAA Alaskan Outfitters, Inc.

P.O. Box 1473

Emporia, KS 66801-1473


Phone: (907) 570-1493






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